Preview Fire education video

Right now I’m working on a project where I am producing a motion graphic to educate staff and students at our university how to act in case of…

Robin Blomberg (Isotrop Gray)


For the course magazine design and production we got to create our own magazine from scratch. My group chose to make an architecture magazine with a focus on geometry…


Package Design RePack

One of our project in the course packaging design was to re-pack an already existing package. We chose to re-pack a spice package with a built in mill and this…


Package Design mop-accessory

During the course packaging design one of our projects were to design a package for a mop-accessory for ride-on scrubbers and this is the result.



During the fall of 2015 me and a few class mates made this 3D short film as our final project during the curse 3D-grahics.


Branding for Juttamik

Rebranding of Juttamik for a more pervading feeling of the brand. This project contains work as branding through visual elements, folder and brochures, setting up a wordpress website, inspiration…


Photographer for LiTHanian

I am the photographer for Linköpings Universitys student-driven magazine LiTHanian.


Instruction Sheet

Instruction sheet showing how to do an eskimo roll with a kayak made as a group project in the curse “Information Design”. The assignment was to make an…



Trygga is a concept produced by me and three other students from Linköpings University for the competition East Sweden Hack 2015. We won the price for best project and…


Branding Stilla

This project was done as a class-assignment for a course in the program Graphic Design and Communication at Linköpings University, the project was to create a fictitious company and…