Roligt lärande – varje dag

To reach out to more pre school teachers and their students with UR:s content we created an advertising campaign. It consisted of a printed yearly calendar, an advent calendar for christmas and flannel board figures all that could be used in a classroom setting. The goal for the campaign, besides advertising that we have a lot of good series for them, was to help educators create a fun and easy way of learning. Hence the slogan “Roligt lärande – varje dag” which means fun learning – every day. 

 We often did this at UR, where we created a learning-package where we present educators with aids that they can incorporate in their teaching very easily. Since it is created from the teachers curriculum that the school board has written for all of the schools in Sweden. We also tested and discussed the aid with a focus group consisting of educators in the target group. 

The yearly calendar consisted of a monthly recommendation to an episode of one of UR:s series that coincide with that month and the season. And to make it more fun to look at in the classroom the front page is illustrated showing the seasons and some of the characters from the series recommended. 

For the advent calendar, where the class would open one hatch each school day until the christmas break, the focus was on core values (värdegrund) and expressing feelings. In each hatch there was a QR code that led to one episode of Djuren på djuris – om känslor where the characters in the series talked about feelings and how they express them.

The flannel figures were also created to help the educators with an aid to talk about feelings and how to express them. This was something the focus group expressed a need for. These figures were closely linked to the show Djuren på djuris and an educators guide where we write about the series and how it can be used in the classroom.